Terms of service

We make sure that we sell healthy snakes. There is no snake that will be sold before it grows well. The snakes have also eaten at least five consecutive times without any food refusal on dead prey. We only make snakes available for sale, when we think they are ready to go out. All snakes that we have and sell are sexed properly, although this does not give any guarantee. Always check the snakes gender. If we made a mistake, please contact us. We will come up with a proper solution.

We will not take back a bought snake. Reason for that, is to protect our collection from contagious diseases.

If there is a problem with the snake, we will be available to support you. If not satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours after collection or delivery.

All prices are based on the market value. Whenever a snake is listed higher than the current market, please contact us.

All available snakes can be reserved. If you are interested, please contact us and you can make a reservation. We will reply as soon as possible and provide you with more information. For reservation a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total price will be needed, so that we know you are a serious buyer. The other 80% will be paid when the snake is collected.

We ship worldwide. We guarantee live arrival in shipping. In case the snake is dead on arrival you will receive the full amount of the snake back, not the costs of shipping. Please contact us for more information. When you want the snake to be shipped, we need the full price before sending it.

When you make a reservation nobody, but you, can buy this specific snake. We accept payment by bank, PayPal and cash. Whenever the money is in one of our accounts, we will contact you that the reservation is validated. When you do not show up at the place and time of agreement, the reservation is cancelled and we will not refund your deposit. You can always cancel the reservation, but the non-refundable deposit has already been paid.

Hognose - Anaconda

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